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My Courses

My 3 Part Online Public Speaking Course and One-to-One and Group Coaching Courses
Here What My Online Public Speaking Course Teaches You.

  • If your FEARS or NERVES have stopped you from speaking in public then my Public Speaking Course will teach you How To Conquer Your Fears and Take You From Beginner To Expert.
        The course consists of:
        Part 1: Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking
        Part 2: Fantastic Public Speaking
        Part 3: Ultimate Public Speaking Secrets

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My Public Speaking Course will teach you how to be a great and fearless speaker and because of its unique structure will also reinforce all the key elements you will learn.
I will teach you:

  1. How to be a great public speaker and IMPROVE your work and business prospects.
  2. How to take control of your fears and anxieties about public speaking and become a FEARLESS speaker,
  3. How to develop confidence speaking in front of an audience to deliver a speech ANYWHERE,
  4. How to develop your creative skills to turbocharge your public speaking to give FAULTLESS presentations.
  5. How to structure a presentation or speech so that you always WOW your audience,
  6. How to banish all negativity from your mind to deliver a GREAT presentation.
  7. How to present any talk in front of ANY audience, whether it's a speech at a family gathering or a business presentation to colleagues or potential customers
  8. The vital DO'S and DONT's you MUST know
  9. My own special techniques to help you become a brilliant and fearless public speaker and take you from beginner to expert
   And........... Much Much Much More!
        One-to-One and Group Coaching

        For One-to-One and Group Coaching email me at publicspeaking2022[at symbol]appealnow.com

My QuickbooksCourse (Part 1) The Basics
If you use Quickbooks accounting software or would like to learn how to do so I am pleased to offer a 90% discount on my Quickbooks Basics Course. Click - > here Use the Discount Code SPECIALQB90OFF

I was a beta tester for Quickbooks and highly recommend it for all bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

        The Course.
        1. Overview
        2. AAA - Advisor, Attorney, Accountant
        3. QB Plans and Pricing
        4. Advantages of Cloud Based Version
        5. Purchase of QB-Online (Cloud)
        6. Basics of QB Set Up
        7. Installation of Mobile App
        8. Mileage Tracking
        9. Entering Sales By Desktop
        10. Entering Sales By Mobile
        11. Entering Expenses Paid On Desktop
        12. Entering Expenses Paid On Mobile
        13. Capturing Receipts
        14. Organizing Receipts
        15. Entering Customers
        16. Entering Invoices Sent to Customers
        17. Entering Invoices Paid By Customers
        18. Entering Invoices Sent By Vendors
        19. Entering Invoices Paid To Vendors
        20. Conclusion

Time Management for Internet Marketers

Although the course is designed for internet marketers the advice relates to every person. 

So whether it's organising your work day or home life this is the course for you.

As a subscriber to my newsletter there is a special 75% discount for this course.  To enrol on my Time Management Course. Click - > here  Don't forget to use the Discount Code TM75ALT

The course includes 7 Major Chapters and 59 Sections plus an invaluable Check List and Free Resource Cheat Sheet.  Don't forget to enrol at - Click --> Time Management for Internet Marketers and remember to here use the Discount Code TM75ALT